Radiographic Testing Method

What is a Radiographic Inspection?

Radiographic metal testing (RT) is a non-destructive testing method used to inspect the internal structure of metal components for defects and irregularities. This testing method uses X-rays to penetrate the metal and create an image of the internal structure on film or digital media. The resulting radiographic image allows inspectors to detect a range of flaws, including cracks, voids, inclusions, and other irregularities that may affect the quality and safety of the metal component. There are several methods for radiographic testing, including digital radiography, close-proximity radiography, computed tomography, and more.

What are the Types of Industrial Radiography Tests?

Radiographic applications fall into two distinct categories: evaluation of material properties and evaluation of manufacturing and assembly properties. Material property evaluation includes determining composition, density, uniformity, and cell or particle size. Manufacturing and assembly property evaluation is typically concerned with dimensions, flaws (voids, inclusions, and cracks), bond integrity, and verification of proper assembly of component pieces (welds, brazes, etc.). Radiographic testing is widely used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and other demanding industrial sectors to ensure the safety and reliability of critical components.

What are the Advantages of Metal X-Ray Inspections?

Each method of non-destructive testing offers unique advantages for specific applications. At American Metal Testing, our team of experts can provide consultation to determine which metal inspection method is best for your components and application requirements. Radiographic testing offers several benefits when inspecting metal components, making it an ideal method for various applications.

Digital Radiography for Permanent Visual Records

An advantage associated with radiographic testing includes its ability to create a permanent visual record of the internal structure of the metal piece, which can be used for future reference and comparisons. This record helps track changes in the metal over time to document the quality of a component. At AMT, our digital radiography capabilities allow us to generate clear digital images easily viewed using standard computer hardware.

Surface & Subsurface Inspection for Welded Parts, Castings, & More

Radiographic testing also can detect internal cracks, voids, and inclusions deeper into the material than other methods. Radiographic metal testing is often better suited for inspecting welds, castings, and other components that require a thorough inspection of the internal structure.

Non-Destructive Testing for a Wide Range of Metals

Another advantage of the radiographic NDT method is the broad range of materials it can test. While some other testing methods are limited to particular families of metals, radiographic metal testing can inspect many different metals and alloys, including steel, aluminum, copper, and more.

Where is Radiographic Testing Used?

X-ray and gamma ray inspections are utilized in multiple industries to help prevent defects, leaks, collapses, or other failures that could compromise the quality and safety of industrial parts. This X-ray testing process helps ensure the safety and reliability of critical components, including aircraft engine parts, landing gear, structural components, transmission gears, pipeline parts, pumps, valves, turbines, generators, and more. At American Metal Testing, we provide radiographic metal testing services for many industrial sectors, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing & Machining Equipment
  • Marine & Offshore Industries
  • Military & Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Power Generation
  • And more

AMT Is Your Source for Non-Destructive Radiographic Metal Testing

At American Metal Testing, we offer industry-leading metal testing services for all industries. We are NADCAP-accredited and have been recognized for producing consistent results and quality control. This accreditation qualifies us to provide industrial metal testing services for top manufacturers around the globe.

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