Industries Served

A Variety of NDT Processes for a Variety of Industries

American Metal Testing is proud to be a leading provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) for many industries. We are a NADCAP-accredited testing lab and continually work to meet your industry’s unique specifications. To fulfill the demands of your application, we offer several NDT methods:

  • Magnetic Particle Testing - Magnetic particle testing detects surface or slightly subsurface discontinuities within ferromagnetic materials.
  • Radiographic Film Testing - Radiographic film testing is an NDT method ideal for inspecting parts internally, identifying cracks, inclusions, shrink, and other flaws.
  • Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing - Fluorescent liquid penetrant testing is best for components requiring a surface free of cracks, inclusions, porosity, or other flaws too small to be found during visual inspections.

We are dedicated to proving high-value, dependable, and repeatable NDT for any industry, delivering quality parts that meet 100% of your guidelines.

Common Non-Destructive Testing Industries

Every industry requires an exact set of specifications, guidelines, or regulations to ensure the installation of undamaged components that will perform reliably. American Metal Testing is your full-service provider of NDT for any application. Our experts work closely with your team, keeping communications open and ongoing throughout your testing process.

Military & Defense

Components used in military and defense applications must meet strict guidelines as any flaw, crack, or other sub-visible damage to a part can cause catastrophic results during essential operations. American Metal Testing has the hands-on experience and industry knowledge to work with large corporations, smaller companies, government bodies, and other groups associated with the military or defense industry. Our expert team is ready to test any Mil-Spec component, from aircraft parts to medical devices and beyond.


In the transportation industry, there is little room for error. Whether you need components tested for aerospace equipment or are looking to inspect a weld, American Metal Testing is here to help. We can work with any component made from most materials to confirm no cracks, damage, or imperfections have occurred during manufacturing. We make certain that your components are safe to use in any transportation application.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are one of the most popular renewable energy sources in the United States. Wind turbine components must withstand harsh environments, continuous use, and other rugged conditions. Non-destructive testing can ensure quality components that satisfy strict standards while operating as designed. We complete all testing in-house to deliver accurate and precise results.

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American Metal Testing is your go-to provider for fluorescent penetrant inspection, radiographic film inspection, and magnetic particle inspection. Our team of NDT experts can help you navigate your available testing options and pinpoint which process is best for you, your business, and your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our NDT services can support your industry. We’re ready to put your metal to the test.