Non-Destructive Testing for Machine Parts

Industrial equipment, automotive vehicles, airplanes, and other machines are all made of a series of interconnected parts and components. A flaw or discontinuity in any single machine part can lead to catastrophic outcomes for the whole application. However, by carefully inspecting each machine part with non-destructive testing (NDT) before further processing, bad parts can be removed before a problem occurs.

American Metal Testing is your go-to NDT provider. As a NADCAP-accredited and ASTM-compliant  testing lab, we can work with any specifications or guidelines that your application requires, no matter how strict. Let us put your machine parts to the test today.

Ensure Quality Machine Parts with NDT Processes

When you choose American Metal Testing for your machine part NDT services, you choose high-quality, thorough, and precise testing with accurate results, all without causing any physical damage to the machine part. We work with you to determine your testing criteria and decide which NDT method best suits your planned application.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing

Fluorescent penetrant inspections check the machine part’s surface for cracks, inclusions, porosity, and other surface flaws that cannot be detected during a visual inspection. Your machine part is submerged in a level-3 high-sensitivity penetrant, allowing the liquid to enter any discontinuities by capillary action. When the part is removed, washed, dried, and developed, we interpret and evaluate the part to your requirements. When the inspection is complete, we clean your machine part to prepare it for further processing.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Applicable to machine parts made from iron, nickel, cobalt, or other ferromagnetic materials, magnetic particle testing  uses an electric current to induce a magnetic field in and/or around your part. Any discontinuities will cause a magnetic flux leakage, disrupting the field, and thus allowing the fluorescent magnetic iron particles to be drawn to any discontinuities. When the magnetic particle testing is complete, we evaluate your part based on your guidelines and present our findings. We then clean the machine part of any remaining residue from testing.

Radiographic Film Testing

Radiographic testing uses x-rays to penetrate your machine part. By studying the resulting radiograph, internal deformities are identified, such as shrink, gas, cracks, cold shuts, inclusions, and more. Radiographic testing is particularly suited to aerospace machine parts and can be applied to simple or complex components. Materials must be less than 2.5” thick. Two-sided access to the component is required.

Quality Testing & Exceptional Service for Accurate Results

American Metal Testing is committed to providing you with products and services that conform to your contractual and regulatory requirements. We work hard to define your needs and always strive to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our NDT options for industrial machine parts.