Non-Destructive Testing for Turbine Blade Components

Wind turbines are one of the most popular and ubiquitous forms of renewable energy in the United States. Several small components work together to keep these massive pieces of machinery operating as designed, including bearings, gear teeth, blades, shafts, rotors, brakes, and more. Flawed components can lead to costly repairs, system failures, and full shutdowns. Non-destructive testing (NDT) reveals discontinuities in wind turbine foundations before they are installed for operation. Using our industry-leading NDT methods, including fluorescent penetrant inspection, radiographic inspection, and magnetic particle inspection, American Metal Testing is your source for non-destructive metal testing for wind turbines.

NDT Keeps Wind Generator Blades Operating Safely & Efficiently

NDT is critical for inspecting the structural integrity of wind turbines. Our non-destructive metal testing techniques enable engineers and technicians to evaluate the state of different components without inducing any harm to the structure. NDT inspections increase safety, reliability, and efficiency by identifying flaws or cracks in wind turbine foundations. Our capabilities allow us to test any metal component, including machine partsmetal castings, and non-metal materials, such as ceramic or non-porous materials.

The NDT Process for Turbine Blade Foundation Fasteners & Components

At American Metal Testing, we carry out all our non-destructive testing in-house at our USA testing facility to ensure quality and accuracy for every order. Our process begins by getting to know you and establishing the guidelines, standards, or regulations your wind turbine components must meet or exceed. We also determine which of our NDT methods will be best for your wind turbine parts: fluorescent liquid penetrant testing, radiographic film testing, or magnetic particle testing. Once the testing process is complete, we thoroughly clean any remaining residue or materials left behind during testing before returning the wind turbine components to you.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing

Fluorescent liquid penetrant testing is the best NDT option for wind turbines due to its ability to test larger components compared to our other available processes. It is well-suited to locating tiny cracks, pores, or other surface imperfections that may have occurred on a wind turbine component during manufacturing. After the component is cleaned, a level-3 high-sensitivity fluorescent liquid penetrant is applied to your part and drawn into any imperfections via capillary action. The component's surface is washed, dried, and developed to reveal flaws.

Radiographic Film Testing

Sometimes referred to as a volumetric inspection method, radiographic film testing uses an X-ray to pass through a wind turbine component to discover any present imperfections, shrink, or other internal issues. This inspection process can be applied to most materials, making identifying discontinuities quick and straightforward. After studying the resulting film, we will discuss our findings with you.

Radiographic film testing is limited by the size of the tested components. We can x-ray through approximately 2.5" of material with heights of 2" or less. Materials with greater dimensions may require a different NDT method.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic particle testing is useful for any wind turbine component made from a ferromagnetic material, such as iron, steel, or similar. A magnetic field is induced in and around your component. Any discontinuities will disrupt this field, allowing the fluorescent magnetic iron particles to be drawn to present imperfections. Once testing has been completed, we evaluate your part based on your requirements and guidelines, then share our findings.

Magnetic particle testing is limited by the size of your wind turbine component. For components with diameters greater than approximately 12", a different non-destructive test may be required.

American Metal Testing is Your Source for Non-Destructive Blade Component Testing

As a NADCAP-accredited and ASTM-compliant testing laboratory, American Metal Testing is uniquely qualified to be your full-service NDT partner. We test critical components for commercial and industrial applications, ensuring safe operation and high performance. In addition to wind turbine testing, we proudly provide essential non-destructive testing services for many industries, including aerospace, military & defense, transportation, and more. No matter what industry or application, American Metal Testing is your source for thorough testing for your critical components.

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At American Metal Testing, we provide certified, high-quality, precise non-destructive testing services. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your wind turbine application through the industry's best NDT services. We are ready to help you complete any job, meet every specification, and exceed all expectations.