Non-Destructive Testing for Military & Defense

Military and defense applications must meet or exceed stringent guidelines and regulations. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an essential process to ensure that any machine parts, metal casting, and other components do not contain any flaws, imperfections, or damages invisible to the human eye. These weaknesses, though small, can lead to complete failure in aircraft, medical devices, and other parts used in military or defense equipment and projects.

American Metal Testing is committed to providing the highest caliber of NDT available on the market. We have the hands-on experience and industry knowledge to satisfy even the strictest Mil-Spec guideline. We are NADCAP accredited and ASTM compliant, and our testing laboratory can meet any specification set by your military or defense application.

NDT Processes to Meet Mil-Spec Guidelines

There is no room for any error in the military and defense industry. We provide three non-destructive testing methods and can guarantee your products measure up to any required Mil-Spec guidelines, including, but not limited to, MIL-STD-1907 for inspection, particle, and soundness requirements pertaining to materials, parts, and weldments.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Used to detect surface or near-surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and other alloys, magnetic particle testing is a straightforward NDT method. A magnetic field is induced in and/or around a component to find discontinuities. Any present imperfections will disrupt the magnetic field. We interpret and evaluate our findings, clean the component of any residue, and communicate the next steps with you.

Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing

Cracks, pores, or other surface flaws can often occur during the manufacturing process of military and defense components. These imperfections are often unable to be found during visual inspections. Fluorescent liquid penetrant testing is ideal for identifying these discontinuities. After the part is cleaned, a level 3 high-sensitivity liquid penetrant is applied to the component. The liquid is drawn into any present flaws by capillary action. Possible surface flaws will become apparent after the component is washed, dried, and developed.

Radiographic Film Testing

Radiographic film testing is an NDT process that can be applied to both metal and non-metal materials. X-rays are passed through your military or defense component to identify and reveal any internal flaws. Sometimes called volumetric inspection, this method examines a cross-section to produce a radiographic film. We interpret these films, communicate our findings, and allow you to address any present issues.

NADCAP-Accredited Testing Laboratory for NDT

American Metal Testing is privileged to provide non-destructive testing for components, parts, and materials used in military and defense applications as well as many other industries. We work to meet any standard your specific application requires, keeping your complete satisfaction and your military use’s success at the center of everything we do. Our testing is carried out in the USA to ensure quality, integrity, and reliability in every NDT process.

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